The Team





Niall and Daryl are the co-founders of One Body Strength Club. Now both these guys are a couple of laid-back guys which makes it really seem like it came out of nowhere when they kick your butt with an tough but short workout.

There are pictures of both of them under “love” and “hate” in the dictionary.

Their goal is simple. They wade through all the confusing health info which gets bombarded at you constantly and give you a no-nonsense path to look and feel healthy, fit, and full of energy. Their goal is to make your change to the fitness lifestyle permanent.



Andrew is our Director of Health & Happiness and has gone through his own personal transformation. He knows how challenging and down right scary it can be to start this journey and his understanding, support, and caring make a huge difference for those just beginning to change their lives through fitness.




Cora (trainer) cares about our members mind, body, and soul. She has had her own personal transformation story (ask her about it) and comes from a place of love and understanding. That said, she’ll also kick your butt during a workout 💪😜




If anyone can find a way to make a tough workout fun while at the same time tough as heck it’s Josh (trainer). His energy and passion are infectious. He is the walking embodiment of the love-hate relationship people have with their trainers.




Mitch’s (trainer) passion and urge to share his love of fitness is apparent to everyone who meets him. Fitness changed his life and he wants to share that gift with everyone.